A New Year- A New Voyage

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.1

The creation of the VascNet website is our new voyage.

Through this network, we seek to discover the landscape of digital health, and to see and understand disease from another perspective – your eyes.

We have created VascNet initially as a home for some of our projects and as a meeting point for you- the reader interested in cardiovascular health, discovery, and interaction in a changing world of digital medical information.

We want to become a voice. We want to learn from you about how the landscape of healthcare is changing, and to help design its future.

POCUS_Journal-issue 1.sla-page001A main activity of VascNet will be to produce the world’s first journal focused solely on Point of Care Ultrasound. We want the POCUS Journal to be the go-to source for learning about bedside ultrasound for emergency medicine, critical care, primary care, internal medicine, cardiology, and anesthesia. WE LAUNCH Valentine’s Day 2016 and seek your intellectual contribution.  #POCUSJournal #POCUSJ

VascNet will continue to highlight our current projects with the Cardiovascular Imaging Network at Queen’s (CINQ) such as the Heart and Stroke Foundation funded trial on the use of L-carnitine for metabolic syndrome.

In this blog we will keep you updated on new and interesting advances in cardiovascular health, nutrition, and science. And we will have guest blogs from experts in arrhythmia, interventional cardiology, and medicine. Welcome to the adventure.

Check out a cool video on POCUS here!  CTV news POCUS video by A Johri

  1. Marcel Proust said this. I picked this quote because of the word discovery– the goal of the research process. And as an imaging specialist- looking at something with new eyes is what we seek to do everyday with technology applied to the diagnostic process. Proust was a Parisian writer.   @vasc_net





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